Worldwide Consulting Practice Case Study

  • Client operates a worldwide management consulting business designed to help Chiropractors build their practice and to attract and retain clients. Client offerings include one to one and group coaching, training videos and other reference products and quarterly live events currently held in both the US and Australia.


  • Due to the multiple revenue streams (coaching, products and events) from across the world, the client required a number of income statements to track profitability by location at a whole company and individual business level.


  • Client had historically maintained a series of Google docs to monitor the profitability of their business. These documents were maintained in addition to and outside of their Quickbooks account system.  To maintain these Google Docs, a significant amount of extra administrative and accounting work was needed to create and reconcile the reporting with the Quickbooks.


  • Due to the widespread use, comfort with and ability to share Google docs throughout a decentralized, almost virtual, organization, the Client wanted to maintain the Google docs reports as a tool to run the business. The Client also wants to limit the access of Quickbooks to only a few employees.  An opportunity existed to create reporting which could be produced quickly and accurately with minimal effort and could be easily shared with the Client’s employees.


  • Taking on the challenge presented by the client, Jeff Barba and Bob Segal from Barba CFO were able to work with the client to build Google docs which integrated directly with Quickbooks by leveraging Barba CFO’s knowledge of Quickbooks, bookkeeping acumen and expertise with excel macros and Google utilities. The process began with a review of the Client’s business and then required a complete rebuild of the Chart of Account and reporting hierarchies within Quickbooks to accommodate the multiple business units and expense allocations and was finally completed by development of excel macros which created a link between Quickbooks and the Google docs.


  • Client can now quickly access the detailed, accurate and timely level of reporting he requires from anywhere in the world.